domingo, 21 de febrero de 2016

RULES for post in www.Fetishare.com.ar Download Site

Post Rules

1 - If you posting a clip of HARD CRUSH , will be banned immediately and irreversibly without exception.

2 - . ALWAYS Post Preview as BBCode. NEVER put the direct link. the BBCode look like this:

3 - Do not put the title in uppercase.

4 - Make sure to put the correct categories.

5 - Do not post clips less than 10 megs. However if you could post 2 clips of 5 megs, or 3 clips of 3.5 megs, or 4 clips of 2.5 megs, etc.

6 - The Previews should always be THUMBNAILS, not screenshots. To learn how to put previews correctly , check this link:

7 - Compressed files in ZIP, RAR or any other compression format , will be checked first by the administration before being approved . A compressed clip may take 24 to 48 hours to be approved.

8 - All files must be uploaded to WWW.MEDIAFIRE.COM and WWW.MEGA.NZ WITHOUT PASSWORD.

9 - If a file has multiple parts, put ALL the parts in the same post. You can not post each part separately in different posts.

10 - Allowed only downloadable clips. On-Line video or pictures, are not allowed.

11 - Do not Repost. Use the SEARCH tool to ensure that your clip was not posted before by another member. However, if you want to post the clip is not among on the first 10 pages or already posted but with a more than 2 months of posted, you can re-post it without problems.

12 - Only post downloable Clips (Videos). It is forbidden to start any kind of conversation. Fetishare.com.ar NOT A FORUM . Any post without download links or only images, result in the immediate banning of the member.

13 - If a post is reported falsely , the member will be punished taking points ranging from 2 to 10 points at the discretion of the Administrator, but not limited to this. If the administrator deems it appropriate , it may take all points earned . So you must be sure that the report is true.

14 - Only complete clips (FULL) are allowed. SAMPLES or/and TRAILERS are prohibited.

15 - . Not edit for any reason the original video. If you're feeling "creative" and want add to the clip, music, special effects or put together a video clip or compiled crush videos, you got the wrong place... this is not your place. The original video should NOT be altered in any way. An altered clip, will be taken as FAKE clip..

Gustavo Coria, Administrator.

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