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Rules of the Contests

The Most Wanted Contest:

Contest http://www.fetishare.com.ar/mostwanted.html is to offer rewards for getting a clip that a member wants to get. For this, who will offer credits to send a download link of that clip. If the link is correct and approved, you receive the reward credits. You can then change for points in the Shop section or offer a rewards for a clip you want to get.

In The Most Wanted Contest, for each clip you upload, you will receive, in addition to the credits offered, 1 point MW-Point. The member who send more clips in Most Wanted for the contest will be made creditor contest prizes.

REMEMBER: If you send a video with a resolution lower than requested, or an edited video, you will not receive the reward. However, if in the requested video, did not specify any format or length, you can collect the reward without problems

Best Uploader:

For the Best Uploader competition, the points are awarded whenever any of your clips is Downloaded. For example: If 5 of any of your clips is downloaded 10 times each, you'll earn 50 points.

The end date of the 2 competitions is April 10, users achieve the top 5 will receive their prizes.

The rules for participation are:

1. All registered users can participate.
2.- The videos must comply with the normal rules for publication: http://www.fetishareblog.cf/2016/02/rules-for-post-in-wwwfetisharecomar.html
3. You can not do re-post one of your clip or other user that has been published within two months ago. If one of your clip or other member has more than two months of published, you can repost.
You can use the search http://www.fetishare.com.ar/buscar.html to see if a clip was already posted.
To find the date of publication of a clip, you can see it in the same post:

NOTE: The administration can not review every post looking than a re post ... are the same participants who will ensure that another contestant will not break these rules. If you believe that another user has made its own repost, yours or another member, a clip posted less than 2 months, you can report the administration sending the links of the clip posted and reposrt, as follows:

Post: http://www.fetishare.com.ar/postid-44253-annekennedyvssebastian.html

Re-Post: http://www.fetishare.com.ar/postid-44121-annekennedyvssebastian.html

To find out how many points you bring accumulated, you can view your points from your profile: http://www.fetishare.com.ar/profile.html

4.- Best Uploader contest, positions 1-5, should have at least 1,000 points to collect their prizes

5.- Most Wanted contest,positions  1-5 should have at least 3 points to collect their prizes.

6. If a member is disqualified for cheating or for any other reason, that position will be vacant. The lowest positions not take the place of the disqualified member

This are the prizes of the Contests:

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