viernes, 4 de marzo de 2016

Contest Number 7 is Ended!

Contest Number 8 is Ended!

Congratulations to the winners. This contest had many complications. In addition to repeated power outages that left the off-line server, we have suffered several DDoS attacks, so we had to extend by two weeks the culmination of the contest.

But do not worry, the side effect of DDoS attack is that the previews will be erased from the image servers. All data and IP of all members are encrypted, therefore, any attacker or hacker can't read your data should it have access to the database (which has not happened)

There is no way to recover the previews since they were deleted from external servers image (reported). But it does not mean it is not not working on a way to replace them quickly.

This weekend start the contest number 8, and this time will include the "Preview" contest. All members who have posted clips and that its preview is erased, they can edit the oun preview and upload a new one, so you will earn 1 "Preview Point" and your post will appear on the first page of the site as it were new post . Thus the most re-upload preview will win the "Preview Contest".

In addition I will include a button "Request Preview" for a member to ask the uploader reupload the preview ;-)

The "hackers" who attack us, they never learn: Every action they take against us, makes us to improve more and more XD

Now, here are the winners. The awards will be presented in a few hours.

The Bes Uploader:

1.- Crush Cuties
2.- bartsimpson
3.- It does not reach the required 1,000 points. Read Rules
4.- It does not reach the required 1,000 points. Read Rules
5.- It does not reach the required 1,000 points. Read Rules

The Most Wanted:

1.- Q
2.- Sheldon Cooper
3.- ozzero
4.- jboy722
5.- It does not reach the required 3 points. Read Rules

The Free Clips Contest:

1.- Al Sahim
2.- vassalt
3.- thebettingking9

Reupload Contest:

1.- bartsimpson
2.- profesor13a
3.- loko

You can leave your comments, ideas and suggestions on contests and ways to improve the site.


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